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Soil Volume Converter

When it comes to moving earth, not all soil is the same. From a machine perspective, it matters if you are moving undisturbed earth, loose soil in a pile that has already been dug, or compacted soil. These three varieties are called “bank,” “loose,” and “compacted,” respectively. When it comes to estimating costs, we measure in cubic meters (or yards) for each variety.

Input numbers only. Note that the labels are in m3 but you can use yd3 without converting units.
BCM = Bank Cubic Metres, LCM = Loose Cubic Metres, CCM = Compacted Cubic Metres


Please note that there is an error in the soil conversion table on page 162 of the book. The volume from BCM to CCM for sand is 95%. The BCM to CCM for loam is not listed in the table but is 90%.