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Bulldozer Cost Calculator

To estimate the cost of a bulldozer for your project, you will need to know the project area, the depth of excavation (or fill, if you are spreading material), the blade capacity, and the speed of the dozer as determined from drawbar pull vs. ground speed data.

To find the variables for your dozer, you will need to check with the manufacturers specs. For example, data for Caterpillar bulldozers is available in the Caterpillar Performance Handbook.

You will need

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Input the depth to fill, or to scrape away.

Note: Areas is converted to square for calculation.

yxArea in square metres


Use the mass at blade capacity to determine the push speed for the dozer. You will need to look at the manufacturers technical specs to determine the speed from drawbar pull vs ground speed graphs.

  • Dozer = D4C Series III
  • Blade capacity = 1.68 m3 (Model 4P blade for D4C)
  • Mass of soil @ blade capacity (wet clay) = 2957 kg
  • Push speed ≈ 4 km/h (See graph below.)

Drawbar pull vs Groundspeed for Caterpillar D4C

D4C-drawbar-vs-speed1614121086420kg ×1000lb ×10000481216202428323640Drawbar PullForward Speed2244668810121753mphkm/h1st gear2nd gear3rd gear≈ 4 km/h

Determine the dozer speed from drawbar pull vs. groundspeed data as in the diagram above.
Find the max. reverse speed from technical specs. (The calculator will adjust for shift and acceleration time.)


Note that figures for soil mass come from The Engineering Toolbox and LaFarge Simcoe